Hello, my name is Markus Doppler.

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Looking at the night sky, I feel amazed by our universe, at very large distances and the smallest scales alike. During my studies, I particularly learned to enjoy the beauty of the mathematical formalisms that oftentimes describe with ease what is otherwise quite incomprehensible, be it relativity as introduced by Einstein or the quantum nature of elementary particles.

If you are studying any kind of physics literature, my little "Review of Physics" may be of use to you, which I wrote during my time at university. I believe it is a useful reference on many mathematical and theoretical physics concepts.

Download Review of Physics

i Live simulation using HTML canvas


Learning to code has enriched the way I am able to express myself unlike anything else has. My goal is always to come up with applications of some sort where functionality and user experience compliment one another, while keeping the programming code behind everything well-structured, semantically correct and syntactically consistent. I feel that it matters just as much what is behind the curtain as what is in front of it.

I am currently working on projects using Vue.js, python‘s data science kits and Swift. Check out my Github page for my latest projects.



Without an intact ecosystem and an abundance of plants and animals, humankind cannot survive. The ongoing destruction of natural habitats and climate change poses a tremendous threat to humanity. It is my great interest to help preserve the abundance of species and fertile soil for future generations to thrive.

If you have an interesting project, aimed at making our world a bit more sustainable, I'd love to hear about it!

i The stripes in the background represent the average air temperature in Vienna from 1955 to 2018. Blue means below the average temperature in that period and red means above it.


One of my favourite things is to spend time in some meadow, forest, near a stream or on a mountain climb and let my attention fall onto anything that grows or lives there.

I also like to share my enthusiasm for flora and fauna. I am currently working on creating a small nature blog, which will certainly not replace a real visit to the outside but should at least spark an interest to do so.

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Butterfly Black butterfly Butterfly Butterfly Butterfly